Mother’s Diary: 22 July 1964

Mother (Mirra Alfassa)

22 July 1964


Unlike human love which is for some and not for the others, my love is for the Supreme Lord alone, but as the Supreme Lord is all, my love is for all equally. The Lord’s love is equal, constant, all-embracing, immutable, eternal.

(The second note:)

Unlike in human beings, the action is not governed by feelings or principles, but by the “dharma” of each being or thing, known through identity.

Human love, what people call “love,” even at its best, even taking it in its purest essence, is something that goes to one person, but not to another: you love SOME people (sometimes even you love only certain qualities in some people); you love SOME people, and that means it’s partial and limited. And even for those who are incapable of hatred there is a number of people and things that they are indifferent to: there is no love (in most cases). That love is limited, partial and defined. It’s unstable, moreover: man (I mean the human being) is unable to feel love in a continuous way, always with the same intensity – at certain times, for a moment, it becomes very intense and powerful, and at other times it grows dim; sometimes, it falls completely asleep. And that’s under the best conditions – I am not speaking of all the degradations, I am speaking of the feeling people call “love,” which is the feeling closest to true love; that’s how it is: partial, limited, unstable and fluctuating.

Then, immediately, without transition, it was as if I was plunged in a bath of the Supreme’s Love … with the sensation of something limitless; in other words, when you have the perception of space, that something is everywhere (it’s beyond the perception of space, but if you have the perception of space, it’s everywhere). And it’s a kind of homogenous vibratory mass, IMMOBILE, yet with an unparalleled intensity of vibration, which can be described as a warm, golden light (but it’s not that, it’s much more marvelous than that!). And then, it’s everywhere at once, everywhere always the same, without alternations of high and low, unchanging, in an unvarying intensity of sensation. And that “something” which is characteristic of divine nature (and is hard to express with words) is at the same time absolute immobility and absolute intensity of vibration. And That… loves. There is no “Lord,” there are no “things”; there is no subject, no object. And That loves. But how can you say what That is?…It’s impossible. And That loves everywhere and everything, all the time, all at the same time.

All those stories, those so-called saints and sages told about God’s Love “coming and going,” oh, it’s unspeakably stupid! – It’s THERE, eternally; It has always been there, eternally; It will always be there, eternally, always the same and at the highest of its possibility. It hasn’t left, and now it won’t be able to leave.

And once you’ve lived That … you become so irrevocably conscious that everything depends on the individual perception, entirely; and naturally, that individual perception [of divine Love] depends on the inadequacy, the inertia, the incomprehension, the incapacity, the cells’ inability to hold and keep the Vibration, anyway all that man calls his “character” and which comes from his animal evolution.


It is said that divine Love doesn’t manifest because, in the world’s present state of imperfection, the result would be a catastrophe – that’s a human vision. Divine Love manifests, has manifested eternally, will manifest eternally, and it’s the incapacity of the material world … not only of the material world, but of the vital world and the mental world, and of many other worlds that aren’t ready, that are incapable – but HE is there, He is there, right there! He is there permanently: it’s THE Permanence. The Permanence Buddha sought is there. He claims he found it in Nirvana – it is there, in Love


Since that experience came, there has no longer even been in the consciousness that sort of care I took for years not to concentrate too much Force or Power, or Light or Love, on beings and things for fear of upsetting their natural growth – that seems so childish! It’s there, it’s there, it’s there – it is there. And it’s for things themselves that it’s impossible to feel more of it than they can bear.


As soon as I have one minute to meditate, that is to say, as soon as I am not assailed from every side by people, things, events, as soon as I can simply do this (gesture of drawing within) and look, well, I see that the cells themselves are beginning to learn the Vibration. It is obviously the agent of the creation.

And I said that that sort of “rain of Truth-Light” which came a few months ago [See conversations of January 29 and March 4, 1964. ] announced something – it has obviously prepared, started this kind of permeation of a superior Harmony into the material vibrations. It has prepared not a “new descent,” but the possibility of a new perception, a perception that allows an outward and physical action.


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  1. Although I already have (almost all?) the works of Mother-Sri Aurobindo and Satprem on paper and somewhere on disk, it is a pleasure to see the writings ad images on your website!

    Warm regards, Leo

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