Mother’s Agenda 1967, Volume 8 (ebook)

agenda8-coverThat year, all the features of the yoga of the cells became clear: “The increasing conviction that perfection achieved in matter is far more perfect than anywhere else. The consciousness expressed in cells that have been transformed is a marvel; that legitimates all these centuries of misery. All these gods, what a fuss they make!” This is the year of the discovery of “true Matter,” without fuss: “In this [cellular] limpidity, there is no longer any problem; the solution precedes the problem. In other words, things are organized automatically.” It is another life mode on earth – “Such a natural way of being!” – in a body free of its mental prison and of the laws of false matter: “This extraordinary feeling of the unreality of suffering, the unreality of illnesses… It does not cure the disease; it cancels it, makes it unreal… And so it is quite clear that, as this process perfects itself, it will mean the victory over death.” In the meantime, “Surveyor” is on its way to dig the lunar soil with its mechanical arm, while our own secrets remain buried in our cells: “We can go anywhere, know what’s happening everywhere, but we don’t even know what’s happening inside ourselves.” The war is raging in Biafra; the Israeli army is marching toward Suez; the U.S. air force is bombing Haiphong; the Chinese are exploding their first thermonuclear device, and on and on. “A tremendous conflict above the earth.” With the stakes of a new earth or the return to the old disaster: “A local and momentary manifestation is not impossible, but a collective transformation of some magnitude is necessary to create a new species on earth… That fact is certain.” Will we understand where the true solution lies, and the marvel concealed in a human body?


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