Mother’s Agenda 1962, Volume 3 (ebook)


This is the year of the Cuban missile crisis and the first Sino-Indian conflict. “Could it be the first sign of something really … big? It seems something has been profoundly disrupted, in the depths,” Mother said. Indeed, the whole earth is disrupted. This year Mother emerges into a “third position” in her body. Neither life nor death as we know it.

Another side of the “web” where physical laws no longer apply and which curiously resembles the subatomic world of “black holes”: time is changed, space is changed, death is changed. Could this be the material site, in the body, where the laws of the world are overturned – they were only our self-imagined laws – and where evolution opens on an incredible bodily freedom, a third position that will be the position of the next species on earth? “The body is beginning to obey another law. The sense of time is disappearing into a moving immobility… A mass of infinite force, like pure super electricity… A movement of undulating, corporeal waves, as vast as the earth… All the organs are changed; everything follows a different rhythm. Such a tremendous power, and so free! Something different … it’s something different! I don’t know if I am living or dead… The nature of my nights is changing, the nature of my days is changing… The physical vibration is becoming porous… No more axis – gone, blown away! It can go forward, backward, or anywhere at all… Ubiquity, or something like that.” And then this cry: “Death is an illusion, illness is an illusion! Life and death are one and the same thing! It’s just a shift of consciousness. Why, this is fantastic!” And then a simple discovery, in the flesh: “The closer you come to the cell, the more the cell says, ‘But I am immortal!'” A third cellular position in which “one becomes incapable of dying because death no longer has a reality.”

Has Mother uncovered another reality of Matter this year, at the age of 84? “Right there, just in the background, is a sort of fairy tale… Something in the making that will be exceedingly beautiful, beyond all expression: a beautiful story Sri Aurobindo was trying to bring down onto the earth – and it’s sure to come!”

540 pages


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