Mother’s Agenda 1965, Volume 6 (ebook)

agenda6-cover“A whole world is beginning to open up.” This is the year when Mother reaches the “mind of the cells,” pure, beneath the old genetic coating that seems to want to make us a species forever saddled with death: “There’s such an accumulation of power there … as if this were the tail end of the solution.” Another power of consciousness in matter that will undo the old programme: “A sort of memory being set up from the bottom up” – a new cellular memory having nothing to do with old age, illness, death, gravity, and all our “real” world? And simultaneously, at this cellular level free of the old laws, Mother discovers “two worlds within each other: a world of Truth and a world of Falsehood. And this world of Truth is PHYSICAL; it isn’t up there – it’s MATERIAL. And this is what is to come to the fore and replace the other – the true physical.” That’s what Mother called “the transfer of power.” Is it really possible that a marvel of physical freedom is concealed within our cells while we keep seeking illusory external panaceas? “Even if only a tiny number of cells could manage to have the experience of total transformation, to the full, it  would be more effective than all the great revolutions. But it is more difficult… Death must be overcome! There should be no more death; that’s very clear.” Is the whole earth not in the process of experiencing that “transfer of power,” as it did when it went from the animal kingdom to the mental kingdom a long time ago? “Everything is giving way. No more support anywhere. It’s the transition to the new movement… And for the old, it always feels like a dangerous loss of equilibrium.”

370 pages


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