Mother’s Agenda 1966, Volume 7 (ebook)

agenda-cover“Humanity is not the last step in the terrestrial creation. Evolution goes on and man will be surpassed. It is up to each one to know whether he wants to participate in the adventure of the new species.” This is the year of the cultural revolution in China. A more profound revolution was being accomplished in a body that was waging the one revolution that would change everything for all the little terrestrial bodies: “We are seeking the process so as to have the power to abolish death… It is the mind of the cells that will find the key.” This is the perilous transition from a human body animated by the laws of the Mind to a next body animated by a nameless law in the heart of the cell: “A coagulated vibration, denser than air, extremely homogeneous, of a golden luminosity, with a tremendous power of propulsion… Everything is becoming very strange. The body is no longer dependent on physical laws.” What was the sensation of the first vertebrate to leave the marine world for another, nameless world in which we breathe today? “For each part of the body, the moment it changes, there is a feeling it’s the end… All the supports have gone. I no longer have a path!” And where is the path to the next species? “There have to be some who make it.” Sometimes, that other “environment” breaks forth: “An instantaneous marvel… A condition in which time no longer has the same reality. An innumerable present. Another way of living.” Eighty years before, a little girl had lived her first revolution of Matter: “When I was told that everything is ‘atoms,’ it created like a revolution in my head: then nothing is true!” A second revolution of Matter takes place at cellular level: old Matter and its overt laws change into a new world and a new way of being in a body.


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