Mother’s Agenda

Mother's AgendaRecorded by Satprem, a disciple of the Mother, in the course of numerous personal conversations with her, Mother’s Agenda is the complete logbook of her exploration in the cellular consciousness of the human body. It covers 23 years of experiences which parallel some of the most recent theories of modern physics, and are perhaps the key to man’s passage to the next species.

This 6,OOO-page work in 13 volumes represents the day-to-day account over 22 years of Mother’s exploration into the body consciousness and her discovery of a “cellular mind”, capable of restructuring the nature of the body and the laws of the species as drastically as, one day, the first stammerings of a “thinking mind” transformed the nature of the ape. It is a timely document of experimental evolution, involving a revolution in consciousness that alters the laws of the species. Whatever the appearances, we are not at the end of a civilisation but at the end of an evolutionary cycle. Are we going to find the passage to the next species, or perish? As scrupulously as a scientist in his laboratory, Mother goes back to the origin of matter’s formation, to the primordial code, and there, ‘by chance’, stumbles upon the mechanism of death – upon the very power that changes death – and upon a ‘new’ Energy which curiously parallels the most recent theories on the subatomic nature of Matter. The key to Matter contains the key to death … as well as the key to the next species.

  1. Mother’s Agenda 1951-1960, Volume 1
  2. Mother’s Agenda 1961, Volume 2
  3. Mother’s Agenda 1962, Volume 3
  4. Mother’s Agenda 1963, Volume 4
  5. Mother’s Agenda 1964, Volume 5
  6. Mother’s Agenda 1965, Volume 6
  7. Mother’s Agenda 1966, Volume 7
  8. Mother’s Agenda 1967, Volume 8
  9. Mother’s Agenda 1968, Volume 9
  10. Mother’s Agenda 1969, Volume 10
  11. Mother’s Agenda 1970, Volume 11
  12. Mother’s Agenda 1971, Volume 12
  13. Mother’s Agenda 1972-73, Volume 13

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