Mother’s Agenda 1972-73 , Volume 13 (ebook)

agenda-cover13“Before dying falsehood rises in full swing. Still, people only understand the lesson of catastrophe. Will it have to happen for them to open their eyes?”

This is the year of Watergate, Nixon’s first trip to China, the murder of the Israeli athletes in Munich, the first oil embargo. It is Mother’s last path. A path strewn with heartrending little cries and staggering visions. The end of one world, the beginning of another … if we wish, and even if we don’t. “Sometimes it’s so new and unexpected that it’s almost painful.” And Satprem asks her, “But is it a state outside matter?” “No, I am not going out of this material life, but … it appears different. But it’s curious. And it’s physical; that’s what is extraordinary! As if the physical had become double… A new state in matter. And ruled by something other than the sun, I don’t know by what… I am touching upon another world. Another way of being … dangerous, but wonderful.” Satprem intently listened to her increasingly halting breath as she gasped for air – a breath that seemed to come from another side of the world: “There’s no difference between life and death. This is neither life nor death; it’s … something. You see, it isn’t that death disappears; both are changing into … something one doesn’t yet know, which seems both extremely dangerous and absolutely marvelous.” What if “death” were only the other, material side of our human bowl, a sunny shore for a forthcoming species? A new state on both sides of the world in which both life and death change into … something else? “I am walking a very thin and narrow line…” And then this cry, this entreaty: “Let me do the work!”

On November 17, 1973, she passed away – why?

395 pages


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