Mother’s Agenda 1970 , Volume 11 (ebook)

agenda11-coverThe beginning of the terrible years. It is as if Mother had found the secret of the change, conquered all she could in her own body, and she now sat there, amid the disciples, taking in all the resistance of the old species. “The change IS DONE. Everything is raging like wild beasts, but it is finished.” A new mode of being of the consciousness of the cells had appeared on earth, much as a new mode of being, called Life, had once appeared in inert Matter – except that this time it was “overlife”: “The feeling that there is a way of being of the cells that would be the beginning of a new body, but when that happens, the body itself feels on the verge of death.” What would be the “feeling” of the first corpuscle to experience life? “The body has a feeling it has reached the point of … the unknown. A very, very strange sensation. Like a new type of vibration. It is so new that – it’s not exactly an anguish, but it’s … the sense of the unknown. The mystery of the unknown.” And there, what we call “death” is like the inside of the bowl for the former fish, yet it is not “another world”: “It is surprisingly one within the other! Is that possible? Well, overlife is life and death together.” Then, this cry of the breakthrough: “What appears to us as ‘the laws of nature’ was an absurdity!” Another terrestrial world where the old mortal laws of the glass bowl collapse into … something else? “I just have had a fantastic vision of the cradle of a future … that is not very far away. It is like a stupendous mass hovering above the earth.” But will the disciples let her go to the end?

320 pages


epub | mobi | pdf

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