Mother’s Agenda 1968, Volume 9 (ebook)

 agenda9-coverThat year, a fire swept across the world from Warsaw to Columbia, from Nanterre to Alexandria: “There are long periods when things are being prepared, and then there comes a time when something happens, and that something brings a new development to the world – as when man appeared on the earth. Now, it’s a new being.” This is the second turning point in Mother’s yoga. She is ninety. Auroville has just been founded – “A centre of accelerated evolution.” Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy are assassinated, the Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia – what is going on? “I have a strong impression this is intended to teach us something like the secret of the [human, terrestrial] working. We are constantly being shown that the process we have learned is wrong, that it does not conform to reality, and we are being taught the true process by living it.” As if the earth were shut in a glass bowl, prisoner of a “false matter”: “There is as if a web covering the entire earth, and the body is being taught how to extricate itself from it… Gradually, the consciousness of the cells is freeing itself from that domination.” And suddenly, from the other side: “I have never seen or felt anything so beautiful in all my life! … The most wonderful hours one can have on this earth – why are they seeking above what is right here?” The short-lived miracle of 1968 seems to be swallowed up while the walls of our glass bowl are slowly but inexorably exploding in each country, each continent, each branch of human knowledge. “It would seem that an immense period of time will be needed before everything is ready to change. And yet, there is almost a promise that an abrupt change will occur.” Could it be that, one morning, one last turn of the screw of circumstances will propel us into a new consciousness?

380 pages


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