Mother’s Agenda 1961, Volume 2 (ebook)

agenda2-coverIn this year of the first American trip in space, Mother strikes at the heart of “the great mystery”: “It’s double! It’s the same world and yet it’s – what?” In one world, everything is harmonious, without any possibility of disease, death, or accident – “a miraculous harmony” – and in the other world, everything is awry. Yet it’s the same world of matter – separated by what? “More and more I feel it’s a question of a vibration in matter.”

What is this “vertical time” that suddenly opens up a new way of living and being in matter, where things are no longer the inexorable consequence or cause of one another? “A kind of absoluteness in each second.” A brand-new world at each second, without trace, age, or past imprint.

And what is this “massive immobility” in a lightning-fast movement, this “speckling of vibrations,” as if Mother were no longer experiencing her body at a macroscopic level but at the level of subatomic physics? And sixty years of “spiritual life” crumble as “a far more serious illusion” before – a new Divine? Or a new mode of life in matter – the next mode? “I am absolutely in the process of cutting a path through the jungle.”

460 pages


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