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The Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem (ebook)

The Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem (free ebook)

Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem

“Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness” is one of the most remarkable books written by Satprem. It has particular appeal to the westerners, who approach yoga subject trough the mind. Many seekers on the path of the Integral Yoga came to know about Sri Aurobindo through reading this book.

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Mother’s Agenda 1972-73 , Volume 13 (ebook)

agenda-cover13“Before dying falsehood rises in full swing. Still, people only understand the lesson of catastrophe. Will it have to happen for them to open their eyes?”

This is the year of Watergate, Nixon’s first trip to China, the murder of the Israeli athletes in Munich, the first oil embargo. It is Mother’s last path. A path strewn with heartrending little cries and staggering visions. The end of one world, the beginning of another … if we wish, and even if we don’t. “Sometimes it’s so new and unexpected that it’s almost painful.” And Satprem asks her, “But is it a state outside matter?” “No, I am not going out of this material life, but … it appears different. But it’s curious. And it’s physical; that’s what is extraordinary! As if the physical had become double… A new state in matter. And ruled by something other than the sun, I don’t know by what… I am touching upon another world. Another way of being … dangerous, but wonderful.” Continue reading Mother’s Agenda 1972-73 , Volume 13 (ebook)

Mother’s Agenda 1971 , Volume 12 (ebook)

agenda12-coverThe last turning point in Mother’s yoga, from which she emerges with a cry: “I walked a long, long time. I was nothing but a cry, all the time, as if everything were being torn from me. It was the whole problem of the world.”

This Agenda is increasingly strewn with heartrending little cries. It was not enough to have found the secret for herself; others too had to understand, her own disciples, those dominions shut in their egoistic power.

“They don’t have faith! ‘She’s old, she’s old’: an atmosphere of resistance to the change; ‘it’s impossible, impossible’ – from every side… Not a single minute should be wasted; I am in a hurry… The reign of the Divine must, oh, must come… If the entire Russian block turned to the right side, that would be an enormous help! The victory is certain, but I don’t know which path will be followed to reach it… We should cling, cling so tightly to the Truth… They no longer listen to me.” Continue reading Mother’s Agenda 1971 , Volume 12 (ebook)

Mother’s Agenda 1970 , Volume 11 (ebook)

agenda11-coverThe beginning of the terrible years. It is as if Mother had found the secret of the change, conquered all she could in her own body, and she now sat there, amid the disciples, taking in all the resistance of the old species. “The change IS DONE. Everything is raging like wild beasts, but it is finished.” A new mode of being of the consciousness of the cells had appeared on earth, much as a new mode of being, called Life, had once appeared in inert Matter – except that this time it was “overlife”: “The feeling that there is a way of being of the cells that would be the beginning of a new body, but when that happens, the body itself feels on the verge of death.” What would be the “feeling” of the first corpuscle to experience life? “The body has a feeling it has reached the point of … the unknown. A very, very strange sensation. Like a new type of vibration. It is so new that – it’s not exactly an anguish, but it’s … the sense of the unknown. Continue reading Mother’s Agenda 1970 , Volume 11 (ebook)

Mother’s Agenda 1969 , Volume 10 (ebook)

agenda10-coverThis time Mother has found the “passage,” what she calls the “new consciousness,” that which will open a new world to us, much as an amphibian created a new air by shattering for the first time the surface of the waters: “I don’t know what is happening; it’s a state of intense vibration, like lightning-fast waves, so fast that they seem motionless. And I go to America, I go to Europe… Never has this body been so happy; these cells, other cells – there was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere; all the other bodies were itself!” At the same time, all our physiological aches and pains vanish: “There is as if a dilation of the cells; limits dwindle, fade, then pains go away physically.” And this is not “another world,” it is the earth, our earth, but experienced in a different way: “It’s as if we had entered an unreal falsehood, and everything vanishes the moment we get out of it; it doesn’t exist! And all the artificial means of getting out, including nirvana, are worthless. Continue reading Mother’s Agenda 1969 , Volume 10 (ebook)